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mageirepsa kai exw fotos gia frittata, pancakes, bean soup, instant pizza, tartlets with tomato, mini ricatta pizzas,chickpea and tuna dip, american cookies.
Aurio red velvet muffins and some alcoholic ice pops and brezel with chocolate i am going to send them tomorrow night(for me)or wendnesday to argotero!i am so excited!!!!!

instand pizza
with this recipe you have something between a bread and a pie which tastes like pizza
first mix in a bowl 1 cup of your favorite pizza topping(cholled in small dices, “wet” things like tuna should be dried up in a paper towel, 1 tablespoon of super cocetrated tomato paste, salt(if you adde already cheese be carefull with the salt), peppers, oregano, basilikum.
In a second bowl mix 3 cups of flour with yeast and follow the instuctions for making bread.
Add the pizza mixture to the bread mixture. Kneten. Continue following the instuctions for making bread(you can find them usually on the yeast box). Bake like a normal bread. If its to “wet” or smushy for you after baking and you have the feeling that its not baked, just cut it in thick slices and bake the on a sheet fot a couple of minutes. Alternative you can bake the longer (κατι σαν παξιμαδια) or drisel some olive oil, tometo slices and grated parmesan and serve warm.

couscous salad:

sotte a small onion in olive oil until golden,let it cool down.
Cut thin slices of the half of a small zucchini and a half of an eggplant. Oil a sheet with canola oil, put the slices on it, drizzel with olive oil, spice with salt,pepper and rosemary. Boil 1 cup couscous and let it cool down in a drain(? hahaha). Add in a bowl one small chopped in smal dices cucumber(remove the σπορια), 1 cup baby tomatoes, the sotte onions, the zucchini and eggpant, some dried fruits(peach or cranberries) cut in small dices, some nuts(i prfer unsaltened almonds cut in sticks), a tablespoon olives cut, a lot of fresh parsley, eingelegte artischoken und eingelegte paprika, some lemon juice, olive oil, a lot of salt and offcourse the couscous.

chop a small onion and fry it with garlic in a pan. Boil 3 medium potatoes until they are done(not mushy). Whisk in a bowl 3 eggs, add some shelter water,salt,pepper, chopped herbals, 1 cup of chopped green asparagus(you should try also bell peppers sotte, leek sotte or small bacon peaces), add some croumbeld cheese if you like, add the sotte onions.
 Chopp the boiled potatoes in small dices and add them to the mixture. Mix everything well. Pure everything in a pyrex pan(i use the same pan for apple cake ot tartlets). If you pan is bigger or deeper than mine and the vegetables are not fully covered whisk another egg and pure on top of it. Let it in an preheated of on 100°C until golden,Let it cool down and add some salty sardines or some pickeld bell peppers.

bean soup:put in a blender white/red/black/chickpeas caned beans(i am to lazy to boil them and they taste the same),one shopped tomato(caned is also ok but i prefer the taste of a fresh tomato because its not so intense),1 tablespoon crushed garlic, 1 tablespoon chopped chilandro(or whatever herbal you prefer),you can choppe also a whole avocado(gives a kick to the taste but also to the calories), olive oil, salt, pepper. Blend. Add some water if you want.

και … καλή σας όρεξη
 Keep up with andallages for more exciting happenings!



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