Spanaki @ AFP Vol.4 2012 "The last event"

very happy to announce 20th MAY 





SPANAKI © Photography: Χρύσα Μακρή


graphic design & handcrafted accessories made with love by Anna Germanou


Company Overview
All SPANAKI products are eco-friendly and made by reusing existing useless items.
 Made locally, sustainably, and with a love for craft. We believe in ethical, conscious 
consuming and the collection is based on the desire to use everyday objects in 
unexpected ways. SPANAKI product inspiration is founded in every day life. Books, 
magazines, Vinyl records.
SPANAKI product inspiration is founded in every day life. Books, magazines, Vinyl
records. The object of SPANAKI is to turn the ordinary to extraordinary, and to add
function, beauty and sparkle along the way into every product we design. We believe
in original, timeless design and lasting materials. Every clutch, purse or jewelry we
design has a well-thought function, size, material and color. We strive for perfection
and simply want to provide the best for you..
General information

The nature of the materials along with the individually numbered disc emphasize the

unique character of each bag. No two are alike nor could they be.
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3 thoughts on “Spanaki @ AFP Vol.4 2012 "The last event"

  1. Η πρώτη φωτογραφία είναι σούπερ…και το πουκάμισο σου Έλενα, ακόμη πιο super : ) : ) : )

  2. Μην ξύνεις πληγές…!!!Ξέρετε ότι θα ήθελα να ρθω, αλλά δυστυχώς δεν μπορώ!Μεσολαβεί το Αιγαίο Πέλαγος!!!!Καλά να περάσετε στις 20/05!Φιλιά σε όλη την ομάδα!

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