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Modebelofte 2013—Future Fashions

During Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, Modebelofte provided a platform for a new generation of fashion designers. These participating talents graduated no longer than five years ago. Their selected work inspired both the audience and business community with its progressive outlook on fashion.

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Modebelofte 2013 is titled ‘Future Fashions’, a direct reference to the futuristic nature of the selected work, which explores the use and aesthetics of new technologies and ‘hyper crafts’. The designers detach themselves from fashion as a self-referencing system; the everlasting style quotation makes way for experimental crafting. Technique highly determines the result, be it a traditional fashion craft used in a monumental way;
a new material—recycled or exclusively developed—being introduced; a radically new production technique like 3D printing or a combination of the above. Although the exhibited designs make a serious contribution to our fashion vocabulary, first and foremost they engage in interacting with other disciplines, producers and the audience.

Participating designers at Modebelofte 2013—Future Fashions are (among others and subject to change): Ana Rajcevic, Duran Lantink, Jef Montes, Matija Čop, Mi-Ah Rödiger, Pauline van Dongen, Sadie Williams, Silvia Romanelli, Stephanie Baechler, Volker Koch, Wim Bruynooghe, Xiao Li, Dewi Bekker, Jantine van Peski, Jenny Postle, Laerke Hooge Andersen, Minju Kim, Winde Rienstra, Anastasia Radevich, Anne Vaandrager, Cat Potter en Rianne Suk.

Apart from an inspiring selection of Future Fashions designs, the Modebelofte 2013 exhibition features films, presentations, a lecture and specially illuminated windows created by Philips.

Concept: Glamcult Studio & YOU ARE HERE
Curator: Hanka van der Voet
Text: Mo Veld
Creative production: Lenn Cox
Technical production: Gerard Koot
Photography: Dirk van den Heuvel


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